Think ..

If you do not have the rights to live ..FREE

You are ....'LIVING DEAD'

If you can not speak out . ."the Truth"

Your life is, ..'full of Lies'

Fear is the enemy, ..of ..'the freedom of soul..'

If you do not have the 'Rights to speak

You are ..a 'Slave'

Human Rights Activist
Jaswant Singh Khalra
killed by Sikh Regime
for Revealing the Truth
..on 16 October 2007

Indian Journalist
Gouri Lankesh
killed by
Hindu Regime,
for revealing the truth
--on 5 September 2017

If you can not
reveal the Truth ..?

You worship ..lies

India is a country : Where,
the Rights of the

We have only ..One life

Be ..Real

Be ..truthful

Could 'the Massacre' of the Sikhs in India , like 1984 repeated again ?


can Change

There is so much You may not even know
that you know ..

Explore yourself

How would you explain the next generation ..what your political and Religious organizations have done to Punjab..?

and ..what you did ..?

Good Deeds
Good Positions
Good wealth
Religious Leaders
and richer
have them all

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