Gulam Vashindey..

Sikh nirmal Singh the writer

"Sikh" Gulam Vashindey Azad Mulk
is a novel based on true events.
It is the result of the aftermath of the
Sikh holocaust of 1984,
and a circumstantial experience of personally being
in the middle of an invasion on
Darbar Sahib, located in Amritsar, Punjab.

'SIKH' Gulam Vashindey Azad Mulk

The War

The first bullet fired at Darwar Saheb by the Government of India
June 1st. 1984

Night of Battle

The day Sikhs paying tribute to the
fifth Nanak..

Story of
Big Gurudwaras

President of Guru-Dwara
is ..Supreme Authority

I'm a 'SIKH'

The day I met ..Sikh

Story of Guru Dwaras Continue..

Those Sikhs has a mission

St.Michael Church and the father

Father Mitchal ..a God's person

Church father vs. Gurudwara President

GuruDwara sahib and Sangat in 1970's

Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and ..

Bhai Saheb Bhai Meharban singh ji

Era of 1980

Lawlessness Originate Terror

Horrified People of Punjabi Sooba

Indira Gandhi in New York

Jaati-Baad hits New York

Punjabi Jaati - Baad Brotherhood
kicked the Sindhi brotherhood
out of the
Guru Dwara sahib

After the 1984 attack

Militia environment
In India

Controling Class
Controling brotherhood ?

President of Guru Dwaras act like 'Incharge of Police station'

American Sikhs V/S Punjabis in
Gurdwara Politics

Sikh Gurdwara leaders

President Fooled

Two faced ..Sikhs

Guru Dwaras
on the base of the

Preparing for the War

Old leaders surrender

Poor Sikhs have to sell alcohol
and Tobacoo to make their living

Who will be the next GurDwara President..

United front to fight the ruling Guru Dwara Prabandhak commitee

Kestrel in the power

Kestrels make little Birdies run away


Police Disrespect ..? or the Sikhs?

Guru Dwaras ..Golden Mines

Sikh day Parade

Sikh ..Out-casted

Gurudwara story ..continue

Gurdwara President and the Chair

Question of presidency arises..again

Gurdwara presidency for 100 years

Addicted Bro...

Addicted Bro..has a Scheme

Selection committee

President Emerged from the Envelope

Sikh Pandit awarded
Gold Medals

Gurdwara President Enclosed in the Envelope

It's not the end ..story continues

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