'sikh' nirmal singh ..the writer

Writing the truth has always been a challenge

In history, people have been crucified for conveying the Truth

Guru Nanak was the only one in history who delivered the Truth, enlightened people, preached about their rights to live free. He successfully conveyed the concept of 'One God'

Only a free soul can deliver the Truth

Sikh nirmal singh uses Guru Nanak's concepts as inspiration in his writings. He is a firm believer and has devoted his life to educate mankind about the human rights and how to live truthfully, with a free soul.

Be a responsible writer

Punjab and Punjabi youth is drowning in filthy lyrics used by 'so called' 'Dancer and singers'. They are promoting Drugs and alcohol; these contribute to violence and long term neurological disorders that can damage the reproductive system in men and women.

'Druggist dancers singing filthy lyrics, have become the 'ideals' for the youth in Punjab. These are some of the causes for an unhealthy society in Punjab.

Be an advocate for social reform.

Writers need to be Idealistic, Inspiring and enriching to create a healthy community..

If you want to be real

Be in the company of the Real people

Do not waste time with the leaders, rather spend your precious time with someone, who is working hard to stay alive in a world created by the leaders at the expenses of these hard working real people..

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