Health is Intellectual

Learning the mind, the body and the soul

Learning is Strength

learning is Confidence

Learning is Living

Sikh, always learn ..Guru's Wisdom

Sikhism is, learning ..Guru's Wisdom

Before you start learning

An important question :

Are you
Smart, Intelligent or wise ..?

Choose only one answer

SMART: Selfish, Success, Money..

SMART: ..Business ..Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committees .. Political representatives

INTELLIGENT: Education, Hardwork, Keen..

INTELLIGENT: Engineers ..Doctors ..Other Positions..

WISE: Motive, Serve, Glow, Guide, Teach, Prove, Support, Sacrifice..

WISE: ..Philosophers ..Writers ..Painters ..Revolutionaries ..Servants of God..and humanity

Closer we are, to the Creator's Harmony ..Healthier we feel
Wiser we are

Only a free soul can achieve And deliver ..the Wisdom

If any part of our Mind, Body or Soul, is not healthy ..we feel ..Not Content

Harmony is, Respecting the Creator

Creator has Created the Mother Earth, the nature is the lap of the mother for us to grow ..Enjoy

Respecting the Creator, is respecting his Creation

We are, ..His Creation

Respect your ..Self

Living means…small steps, although life is BIG

Are you feeling, sadness, fear, anger? These are not a disease.

These are just a part of life, for us to learn about how to live stronger.

Greed is a disease..

is not
just one mass
it has so many layers
each layer
works independently
in coordination
with each other

Man produces
medicine (Drugs)
to make you healthy
to make themselves wealthy

Stress is the cause for 99% disease

Fear of Expression : One of the factors Create Stress When feelings or ambitions are suppressed deeper down could cause ..Depression FEAR of EXPRESSION
can cause Brain activities narrows down
and diminish the functions .. Could lead to brain fag ..
stroke ..death.

Designing for the future

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