Cultural Slavery

Wildest and widest example and the deepest impact of 'Cultural Slavery' is the Hindu cultural system created by the Brahmini Monarchy's establishment, centuries ago and is, indivisible part of the Indian civilization..

Cast system in Hinduism


a ..Curse

of 'Eternal Slavery'

Some crimes, cannot be forgotten or forgiven..

Government assisted ' the Massacre ' of the Sikhs 1984 ..

Upper cast 'the Rulers'

Lower cast 'the Slaves'

It's not God given

It's Enforced

Why ?


Follow Guru Nanak


I 'm a 'Learner'

I'm a "Sikh"

The Sikhs follow Guru Nanak

is a challenge
to all the rituals and lies;
it is a path to the ‘truth’
and freedom of one’s soul.

In the 15th century,
India was under the control of the Mugal empire.
The Hindu ‘low cast’
and the ‘working class’
were being faced with
‘dual slavery’
by the
‘upper cast,’ Hindu society
and the Muslim rulers.

A spark of
revolution occurred
when Guru Nanak
at the age of ten,
the Brahmin Hindu priests
(the highest Hindu Authority)
refused to wear
the ‘JANEU’,
a traditional cotton thread
which is considered
a sacred symbol
the ‘Higher Caste’ of Hindus
also considered
a symbol
of ‘pureness and integrity’.

“Hey Brahmin!
How will this thread make me
of ‘high caste’
keep me ‘pure and superior’
those born into the ‘low caste’?”

This was the first time
someone had
to raise a voice
for those who were neglected
considered as ‘untouchables’
and known to be
‘low caste’
Dalits and Shudras
the Hindu society.

Guru Nanak
was also an advocate
for the
Hindu women,
who were considered merely as
property of men
in Hindu Society.

“Hey Brahmin!
How can the
who gave birth to you
and the Kings,
be considered the lowest,
and have no rights?
Why do you treat them
like slaves to the society?”

When Hindu and the Muslim priests questioned
Guru Nanak,

“Who are you ?...
Are you
Muslim ?”

Guru Nanak replied,

“I am not confined
in the religious beliefs
under the name of the Gods…"

“We should disregard
our differences;
God created no one as
‘Hindu’ or ‘Muslim’.."

“There is only
‘One God’
for all
and we all are the
sons and the daughters of
‘One God’.”

Guru Nanak
defined the concept of ‘GOD’
in ‘JAPJI’
and delivered this message
around the world,
throughout his nearly 12 years of travel.
Guru Nanak also defined the
‘Ideal Human Being’
as a
‘Saint and soldier’
who delivers peace and protection
to all of humanity.

Of course,
a soldier
must have a unique identity
to be
recognizable in society.
a Sikh’s bearing of a turban
and uncut beard
are always maintained
so that
a Sikh
could be recognized
in the crowd of thousands.
Along with these symbols,
a Sikh
carries a Kirpan (small dagger)
to serve and protect humanity.

Concept of Guru Nanak Contained in
Sri Guru Garanth Saheb ji

The constitution with articles of Humanitarianism

hijacked by
few Sikhs

No body owns it

It’s the property of the world.

to lead the Universe for better life

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